Interested in the possibility of adopting a new furry friend in the near future? 

You’re in the right place! 

Please fill out and submit our questionnaire to be considered. Please note that as a small kennel, we typically have at most one litter a year so availability is limited. 

Responses include: Do you rent or own? Townhouse, apartment, or single family home? How many people are in your household? If you live with children, how old are they? Do you have other animals? If so how many, what genders, and what breeds? Are all them spayed/neutered?
Responses include: Where will the dog be daily? Where will the dog be when no one is home? Where will the dog sleep? Do you have a yard? If so, how large is it? Is the yard fully fenced in? How tall is the fence? Do you have a pool? If so, what protections are in place?
Responses include: How long the dog would be left alone each day? How will the dog go to the bathroom during this time? How will the dog get adequate exercise and/or stimulation?